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 Best Time To Dance 

Independent Ballroom And Latin Dance Instruction with highly skilled and certified Professionals in New York City and Long Island


To dance or not to dance – It was the simplest choice; it was the toughest choice. I had stopped formal ballet training at the age of nine to pursue academic excellence at the request of my parents. Yet the desire to dance never abandoned me; however, it required a special kind of teacher to reignite the passion in me. Here came the easiest decision – after trying out lessons with two other standard teachers, I was introduced to Sergey Bolotnikov. Maybe it was his philosophical approach to dancing; maybe it was his mathematical way of illustrating the steps; maybe it was his bespectacled look when explaining the movements; or maybe it was his calming voice when describing the figures; I knew the night after the tryout, almost four years ago, that my standard teacher is Sergey.


Lessons with Sergey were never boring. Just when you think you have grasped a figure and steps, and ready to go into the next lesson with the spring of hope, the connection and movement may bring on the winter of despair inside your mind. This is due to the fact that, we, as students, come from all walks of life and all carry bags or have skeletons in our closets. Being our dance instructor, one has to be a Jack of all trade to handle different students’ various concerns on and off the dance floor. At times, Sergey is a teacher, a dance partner, a trainer, a motivational speaker, a psychiatrist, a physical therapist, etc., etc. Even though in numerous occasions I required multiple clarifications of movements and / or steps, I never once sensed agitation in Sergey’s tone of voice. He is extremely patient with students.


A little bit over a year ago, Sergey partnered up with Sasha. It was such a blessing to have both of them teaching and coaching me. Sasha brought in a different perspective, the follower’s point of view. The way they approach dancing is like both sides of the same coin. With their encouragement and guidance, I successfully competed as a Pro-Am student in Holiday Dance Classic Championships in 2013 and the Ohio Star Ball Championships in 2014.


Seven years ago, when my kids first started ballroom dancing, the yearning to move my body with the beautiful music across the dance floor was there. Yet, as an adult trying to learn this form of art I did not know who to turn to and thought I had nothing before me. After almost four years, taking lessons from Sergey, and now Sergey and Sasha, I am confident that I have everything in front of me.


Patricia Chin


Quotes I have been learning to dance for over 5 years now and have learnt from quite a few teachers. I found Sasha to be the best among all. Her deep understanding of the technicality in dancing skills is impressive. She observes and suggest ways to let me train and control my muscle so that I can achieve the appropriate posture. She is patience and always encouraging. I found joy in learning from her! Quotes
Alan Ng

Quotes A professional dancer and a teacher in the dance profession are totally different concepts. A good dancer doesn't necessarily know how to teach, but a good teacher definitely knows how to dance. Sergey is the one who knows how to teach and he makes me to understand each step before the next comes. It's not about the routine. It's about the post, the position, the move, the muscle flexibility, and, most importantly the music. He is able to pinpoint my weakness and analyses what causes my problems such as knee pain or muscle sore. I believe he is also a certified body trainer. You have a question and he has got the answer. I strongly recommend Sergey for private lesson and, of course, Sasha for gentlemen who are interested in dancing.. Quotes

Quotes Dance is my pulse,respiration and rhythm : Saving lives can be very stressful re:why I always look forward taking private lesson/dancing socially with Sergey. He always provide a fun and professional dance learning environment which relieve my stress away.Very thorough with technique but not overwhelming. .He is a fresh of breath air- teaches me patiently teaching me all the basics ...An accomplished competitive dancer on his own right,,he uses his academic dance background and shares it with me patiently. The professional training that I learned from Sergey lays a solid foundation to my standard dance.Am glad I chose him as my teacher/coach..Did I mention he is funny,too? Quotes
Sheila Binas,RN
one happy satisfied student

Quotes Sergey is the teacher who opened the door for me to this wonderful world of ballroom dancing. Throughout the years, I have enjoyed numerous inspiring lessons, showcases and social dancing with him. Not only does he have the techniques, he is also a true gentleman and friend who always thinks for you. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say, "Thank you!" Recently, I have been taking gyrotonic lessons with him. It is really beneficial for both my dancing and my overall well-being. I highly recommend giving it a try. Quotes

Quotes Хочу выразить огромную благодарность Александре. Моя дочь занималась у Саши с 10 лет и благодаря ее работе достигла значительных успехов. Благодаря Саше, ее профессионализму и личным качествам мой ребенок сумел раскрыть себя. найти себя в чудесном мире танца! Хочу сказать огромное спасибо за умение найти подход к каждому ребенку, за терпение и доброту, которое Саша проявляет к своим ученикам. Теперь танец для нашей семьи неотъемлемая часть жизни. а соревнования праздник. Пожелаю Саше огромных творческих успехов, спортивным достижений и радость за своих учеников! Quotes

Quotes I have taken ballroom dance lessons with numerous professionals as early as 2000. Sasha is the only instructor who has the real passion to dance with advanced students like myself. At work she takes each piece of music seriously and never looses her frame just because the pro-am level is incompatible. Very often I have received nice comments from others at the studio. I must say Sasha makes my dancing moves flying and shinning. She has encouraged me to enter one of the competitions with her when the time comes! Dancing with Sasha is indeed an honor. Quotes
Stephen Deng

Quotes Sasha is a professional ballroom dance instructor in  the New York Metropolitan area from Russia. A year ago, I spotted her on the dance floor of a night club while she was flowing so gracefully under the music. Her beautiful posture and poise truly impressed me. That was the moment I decided to engage my dancing study with her. From my learning experience with her, Sasha is a very detailed and demanding teacher. More importantly she can pin point a student's area of weakness and help with the solution. After once a week of training for ten months, she is already very comfortable taking me to the dancing floor for Tango, Waltz, Vennese Waltze, Quickstep and Foxtrot. /Eddie K. Soo Quotes
Eddie K. Soo

Quotes I just would like to say that my daughter has had approximately 3 coaching sessions with Sasha thus far and we are extremely pleased with Sasha's professionalism, dedication, caring and both her knowledge and teaching of ballroom dance. We appreciate her patience and encouragement. She is a wonderful coach and helps culminate the dances/steps learned in our regular dance studio. We are so happy to have found Sergey and Sasha. Quotes

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Best Time To Dance

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